Ways to Give

Grateful Patient, Tribute or Memorial Gifts

  • In Honor: Sometimes words are simply not enough to thank someone who has helped you during a hospital stay or difficult time. Gifts made “in honor” recognize the outstanding contributions made by our nurses, doctors and other staff members or volunteers.
  • In Memory: The loss of a loved one, friend or colleague often inspires us to ensure their memory lives on. Many people find supporting York Hospital is an ideal way to honor someone who has passed away. These gifts offer a lasting tribute to a loved one or friend while providing family and friends satisfaction knowing they have helped others.
  • In Celebration: Whether you are marking the birth of a baby, a complete recovery or another achievement, a donation to York Hospital will be a meaningful part of your celebration. And it’s a lasting gift that will surely brighten someone’s day while helping continue its life-saving work! And please be sure to include the name and address of the person we should notify of your gift. (The amount of your gift will be confidential.)
  • To Make A Donation to The Breast Cancer Living Well Fund at York Hospital Please Click Here.

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For Every Patient Campaign: Private Patient Rooms

Mother & Daughter

“We appreciated having a private room to gather as a family. A place to be by my mother’s side 24 hours a day. A place to have a private conversation among ourselves and with her physician and wonderful team of nurses.”–A grateful daughter

We've known for quite some time that sharing a room and a bathroom with another hospital patient is not ideal. And we’ve learned from many community members, like you, that having a private room is a priority. It improves patient safety and care; enhances privacy and dignity and improves communication between you and your caregivers--promoting healing and recovery.

A donation to For Every Patient will help us convert all of our semi-private rooms to private rooms. This will mean that each and every patient who comes to us for care will heal in private rooms with plenty of space for both the technology and family and friends so integral to feeling better, faster.

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Legacy Gifts

We recently received a wonderful gift through a donor's living trust. It is a magnificent legacy for the donor and for us. The sadness is that we didn't know it was coming and I didn't get to say "thank you" as I sincerely wanted to do. Please let me know if you have a bequest for us in your will. I promise only to thank you as warmly as possible for your thoughtfulness!

Gratitude for an exceptional experience, belief in a vision of Loving-Kindness, faith in a mission to ensure healthcare for all or a desire to make a difference in our community by helping those in need - whatever your motivation, you can be assured that your legacy gift will impact the lives of future generations of children, families and seniors who count on York Hospital to be here for them. This meaningful gift will endure beyond your lifetime for the benefit of others. Please consider a bequest to us when you make your estate plans. For more information, please contact me, Carol Kane for more information at (207) 351-3520 or ckane@yorkhospital.com. Or click here to Learn More.

Volunteer Your Time

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