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Don't Skirt Chronic Vein Insufficiency

Don't Skirt Chronic Vein Insufficiency!  Do you have skin discoloration or prominent varicose or ropy veins? These could be symptoms of Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), a medical condition where the veins that pump blood to the heart become impaired. If left untreated, CVI can get worse over time.

Take control of your health. There are effective, minimally invasive treatment options available right here at York Hospital that are covered by many insurance plans.
On your feet all day? Do your legs swell, feel heavy, achy or have burning sensations? Don't skirt the issue. It could be something more serious.

Interventional Radiologist Joseph Ullman, MD and General Surgeon Philip Anderson, MD are experienced vein specialists on staff at York Hospital and offer treatments and techniques to treat CVI.

Talk to your provider about treatment options or call us for more information.
Dr. Anderson: 207-361-3633
Dr. Ullman: 207-361-6989

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