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MRI ‘Super’ Magnet to arrive at York Hospital: Public Open House set for May 10

A superconducting magnet will be hoisted into place on the upper floor of York Hospital’s Surgery Center on Saturday, April 26th.  With construction nearly complete, a new 1,636 square foot MRI Center will house the sophisticated Philips Magnetic Resonance Imaging System—offering increased patient comfort, while providing superior clinical images, speed and the flexibility to meet each patient’s unique situation.

"Once the installation of the MRI has occurred on April 26, the York Hospital team has about 2 to 3 weeks of finish renovations, MRI calibration, detailed training and certifications before we actually see patients," said Chief Operating Officer Steve Pelletier,


The public is invited to attend an Open House at York Hospital on Saturday, May 10, from 10am – 2pm to view the new MRI technology, meet the staff and learn about the enhanced MRI patient experience, while enjoying a sandwich and some light refreshments.

“While the diagnostic capability of the MRI has been great, technology is moving fast, and it is time to update our equipment to create even better experiences for our patients and staff – one that is both beautiful and inspirational,” noted President Jud Knox.  Upon completion of the renovation later in May, the new MRI will be optimized for patient comfort and family involvement, while producing exceptional clinical images used for diagnosis and treatment.  The new technology allows for additional modalities, including breast imagery. 

This new space, created by a team of architects, staff and patient advisors, encompasses a concept that meets the needs of all who enter.  Patients will be welcomed into a greeting area, two exam rooms each with family space and a large room for the MRI technology. 

  A stunning celestial theme sets the scene for the new MRI Imaging Center. “MRI is a highly technological piece of clinical equipment using the science of physics to take in-depth images of our bodies,” noted Hospital Interior Designer, Karen Pence, “When looking for a design experience for this suite, I thought about the connection of the sophisticated science that goes in to the development of the Hubble telescope to take images of outer space.”


From the clinical perspective, Imaging Leader Terri Cataldi notes, “The new MRI utilizes intelligent tools and technology for faster exams.  This in turn will also help free up staff schedules to help our patients get appointments sooner.”  The new technology also enhances the experience; as the opening where patients lie during the exam is wider—making the system feel more open. The patient friendly room design also includes enhanced distraction elements to reduce anxiety and encourages families to remain nearby.  “It also incorporates all the best that new technology has to offer – resulting in reduced set-up time, minimizing vibrations and noise, while increasing image accuracy.  This in turn, allows York Hospital to offer the best in MRI diagnostic imaging to our patients,” offers Chief Radiologist Dr. Richard Gray.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $2.3 million.  According to CFO Robin LaBonte, funding comes from MaineCare debt reimbursements received last fall from the State of Maine, along with trade-in value for the current MRI technology. 

For more information regarding the Open House or the new MRI, please contact York Hospital’s Friendraising Office at (207)351-2385 or email them at

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