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York Hospital still in-network for many Anthem insurance products - Please read for details!

We thought it was important to clarify.  There has been lots in the local press lately about "Obama Care", the "Health Insurance Marketplace" and Anthem's "Narrow Network"  where they have excluded coverage for York Hospital and York Hospital physicians.  We have been getting numerous phone calls and questions - "I have Anthem, does that mean I can no longer come to York Hospital?" 

Anthem has MANY insurance products, and we continue to contract with them for many of them.  Those with Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield, with insurance provided through a large employer, or a medigap policy from Anthem - you should be all set.  The questions arise if you, or your employer shops on the new HEALTH INSURANCE MARKETPLACE that became available on October 1, and that goes into effect on January 1, 2014 - for health insurance.  This is where the "narrow network" and the exclusion - come into play.

On this new marketplace, two insurance companies were approved to sell products - (1) Anthem and  (2) Maine Community Health Options.  This new Anthem product does NOT provide coverage for York Hospital services.  Maine Community Health Options does. 

We hope this helps to clarify what is happening.  Please feel free to contact our Community Relations office for details at 207-351-2385 or email  Thank you!

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