We’re more than just a hospital

At York Hospital, we are a team of providers and clinicians offering expertise in primary care, wellness & prevention, diagnostics and detection, specialized medicine & surgery,  acute hospitalization and support services, rehabilitation and care at home; and connections to tertiary centers for when your needs become highly specialized.  Contact York Hospital’s Friendraising office today to find a provider that is right for you:  207-351-2385 | info@yorkhospital.com.

First Visit Experience

At York Hospital we provide the expertise you need, and the loving kindness, warmth, security, assurance and unsurpassed patient care you deserve. At York Hospital, care for our patients and their families is paramount. Our dedicated team of nurses, specialists, clinicians, technologists, and team members are experts in their field. We want each and every individual to have a truly exceptional experience - and it matters. We go the extra mile to provide services, to provide comfort, to provide answers, to provide assurance, and to provide support for our patients and their loved ones.

We provide a caring touch when it matters most

Our environment is specific to what we know our patients want - a comfortable, healing atmosphere.  To learn more about York Hospital, feel free to browse our website, or contact our Friendraising office at (207) 351-2385 or info@yorkhospital.com
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