Need help paying your bill?

York Hospital's CARING FOR ALL program can help. York Hospital is committed to providing quality health care regardless of one's ability to pay. But that isn't where our commitment ends. York Hospital's Caring For All program includes these affordable health care options:

  • Free Care: We offer free care to patients whose income is twice the federal poverty income level. For example, an uninsured family of 4 whose total annual income is $47,700 or lower qualifies for FREE CARE at York Hospital. Based on this program alone, York Hospital provides millions of dollars worth of free care to patients who utilize our services every year. Click here to access the application
    FMI | (207) 351-2389 or email
  • Prescription Assistance: We serve as patient advocate to assist eligible patients in receiving prescription medications through drug manufacturers. Our staff will apply for free prescription drugs obtained directly from drug companies on your behalf. Not all medications have programs. If we cannot obtain meds for you, we will refer you to other sources. Also, the Apothecary at York Hospital and the Berwick Pharmacy at York Hospital in Berwick offer prescription medications at cost to those who qualify for free care and have no other prescription insurance. FMI | 207-438-9167 or email
  • HELP Financial Assistance Program: HELP (Help at Every Level) is aimed at making healthcare affordable for those who either have no insurance or who are underinsured (i.e., have catastrophic coverage or other high-deductible plans). The HELP Program offers a discount on your hospital bill based on household income and the amount you owe.  Click here to learn more!
  • Interest-Free, Long-Term Payment Arrangements: Our Patient Financial Assistance Office will work with any patient to help set the amount they can afford to pay each month. FMI | (207) 351-2389 or email
  • Below-Cost Services: We offer many services at or below cost to the community including transportation to and from the hospital, its community sites and physician offices; Lifeline systems for the frail or those who live alone; low cost flu shots; free Medicare D counseling and the Bridges Program which provides support and companionship for the elderly. FMI | (207) 351-2389 or email
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