Information on Current Patients

Family & Friends Visiting:

At York Hospital, family members are involved in the care of our patients just as much as our patients want them to be. We do not restrict your ability to visit and we encourage you to ask questions about the care of your loved one so that you feel just as comfortable as the patient. Visitors can be good medicine for patients.

Family members and friends are welcome to visit when convenient for the patient. The hospital does not have strict visiting hours, but we do ask you to respect the wishes of our patients. We recognize that often, the need for hospitalization is unexpected and may leave family members scrambling for a place to stay while you recuperate. For a list of local accommodations, please call the concierge desk at extension 2094.

Visitors in semi-private rooms should be considerate of both patients. Please be mindful that we have created quiet time for patients while in their rooms so that patients can have some time during the day to relax. Also, the Birthing Center asks that visitors first call the patient they intend to visit, to make sure the new family is ready to receive visitors. Thank you!

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