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What is a custom fit (Shapematch®) knee?

A standard knee replacement uses a set of guides (jigs) to line up the knee replacement to approximate the alignment of original knee. However, even in the best hands there is a margin of error, as every person's knees are slightly different and it is very hard to tell with standard instruments what the original knee position was, and to recreate that.The Triathlon Custom Fit Knee featuring ShapeMatch Technology allows the surgeon to size and position the implants based upon your unique anatomy. The ShapeMatch process begins with the aid of an MRI (or CT scan) taken of your knee before your surgery is scheduled. Proprietary software then utilizes the MRI images to create a three-dimensional knee model. With your pre-surgical modeling completed, the surgeon reviews the specifications based on the ShapeMatch Technology.This allows the surgeon to perform your knee procedure with customized guides that are designed to provide a fit that more closely matches your unique anatomy. With this innovative technology, the surgeon can position the implants to help restore the kinematics of your knee. Please contact us for more information.

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