Policies & Forms

Welcome to Pediatric Associates of York Hospital: We appreciate the opportunity to provide your child with the highest quality pediatric care and share in the growth of your child.  Our York and Wells office are open Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.  Please be prepared to present your current insurance card and to verify your address and phone number(s) at each visit.





Patients are seen by appointment only.  For your convenience, we share after hour coverage with two other pediatric practices, Yorkids and Shipman Pediatrics.  Saturday hours are sometimes available, but they are held at the office that is on call for that particular weekend.  We have 24 hour coverage. If you have an emergency after normal office hours, call 207-351-1710 or 207-641-6555 to speak to our answering service who will then page the physician on call.  


If your insurance requires you to receive a referral to see a specialist, you must allow us three (3) business days to complete the appropriate form(s) prior to obtaining service. Only emergency referrals will be completed on the same day. If requested, and approved by this practice, we will issue a retroactive referral, but there is NO GUARANTEE that it will be honored by your insurance company.   Our placement of any referral does not guarantee payment from your insurance company; you must understand how your insurance policy works.  If you are unsure, contact them.


We are available every day for acute sick visits and preventive care visits should be scheduled six to eight weeks in advance.  If you prefer a specific provider, please be sure to let us know so that we can accommodate you.  Please keep in mind that acute care for the same day may require you to see whichever provider is available. Acute care visits will be scheduled on the same day. Problems that require IMMEDIATE attention are best addressed in an emergency room setting or at a York Hospital walk-in facility.


We do ask for 48 hours notice when calling to refill a prescription. In order to delay your wait time, please contact your pharmacy to confirm if the prescription is ready to be picked up. All prescriptions that require a written prescription will only be refilled during office hours.


Medical records are a vital part of being able to provide quality healthcare for you and your child.  Please be sure you have requested your child’s medical records to be released to this office prior to your first visit here.  If you are unable to have your child’s complete medical record transferred prior to your visit, please be sure you have his or her updated immunization record with you.  


HIPAA are the federal guidelines that have been established for the privacy of your health records. Pediatric Associates of York Hospital will not share any information from your child’s health records without your specific permission, with the exception of your child’s daycare, school, or other physician’s office in which we will forward immunization records, current physical examination dates, and any physician notes or labs that may directly pertain to the referral of your child to another physician by one of our practitioners to assist in the treatment of your child.  

Thank you for choosing Pediatric Associates of York Hospital
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