Walk-In Policy

Visits with our providers are by appointment only. We prefer that you call to make an appointment or speak with our nurse. If you decide to walk into the office it is likely that you will have to wait until a nurse is available to speak with you. If you are ill, it's best to first call to speak with a nurse, so that your needs can be addressed and a plan appropriate to your level of urgency can be set up for you.


After you have blood tests done, if the results are normal you will generally not hear back from the nurse. Please feel free to phone us if you are curious about what your specific results are.

Phone Calls

When phoning the office the general procedure for handling your call is as follows:

  • Receptionist will help you if they are able. If not...
  • Receptionist will take your message and have the nurse phone you back. If you are ill you should hear back from the nurse as soon as possible.
  • If you are phoning about prescriptions, test results or any other non-urgent matter you will hear back from the nurse by the end of the day. They will certainly call you back as soon as they can.


When leaving any type of form for one of our providers to complete please allow a minimum of 1 week for it to be completed. We will call you when it is available to be picked up.

Medical Records

When making a request for medical records please contact receptionist at the practice. If you are picking the records up yourself please allow 1 week for us to prepare them.


We appreciate advanced notice of your prescription needs. We ask that you call the office to discuss prescription issues rather than stopping by. For your convenience you can now leave the nurse a voice mail with your request. Prescriptions that you request Monday through Thursday will be phoned in within 24 hours. If you phone on a Friday they will be phoned in by 6 pm that evening.


We reserve the right to charge for appointments, cancelled or broken without 24 hours advance notice. If you are late to an appointment please be aware that you may be asked to reschedule your appointment to later the same day or to another day.

Webhannet Internal Medicine

York Office

12 Hospital Drive, Suite B, York Maine 03909
Phone: (207) 351-3530

Moody Office
277 Post Road (Route 1), Moody, Maine 04054
Phone: (207) 646-8386

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