Pulmonary Services & Sleep Center

Pulmonary Function Test

The Pulmonary & Sleep Center staff offer a full range of services to assist the breathing impaired, and to help diagnose and treat sleep related disorders. Diagnostic tests for those with breathing problems include pulmonary function and exercise tests for adults and children that are interpreted by a board certified Pulmonologist and shared with your health care provider for further treatment and follow-up options. A doctor's order is required for all testing procedures.

Sleep Studies

Sleep Lab Technician

Do you always feel tired, even after sleeping all night? Do you wake up frequently during the night? Snore? Have headaches and/or aching legs when you wake up? Do you have trouble concentrating during the day? Do you find yourself forgetting a lot? Can you answer yes to any of the above questions? You could be suffering from a sleep disorder and not even know it! Sleep disorders are conditions that make it hard for people to sleep at night – or stay awake during the day. Millions of Americans have chronic sleep disorders. Sleep restores our bodies and minds and without it, we suffer. People who have sleep disorders may experience:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Depression, personality changes, mood swings
  • Reduced attention, concentration and memory
  • Frequent illnesses
  • Lost productivity
  • Workplace mishaps or car crashes
  • Weight gain

Now offering sleep studies in the comfort of your own home!  Click this link for details. 

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York Hospital Pulmonary Services & Sleep Center
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