When You Arrive for Surgery

Please arrive at York Hospital at the time specified by your surgeon and/or your pre-op nurse so that you can be prepared for surgery. Complimentary parking is provided at York Hospital. After you are registered, you will be taken to a private, pre-operative room. A nurse will take a brief medical history, perform any needed lab work (that has not already been completed) and ask you to sign a consent form for surgery. You will also meet with one of our Anesthesia team members to discuss the type of anesthesia you will receive. Family may remain with you during this time.

When the nurse is taking your history, please remember to mention:

  • If you wear dentures, including permanent dentures such as bridgework caps or crowns
  • Any medication you have taken or brought from home
  • Any allergies
  • Special orders from your physician
  • Colds, fever or infection
  • In the case of a child, any serious or chronic illness the child has had
  • Any problems you have had with previous surgery or anesthesia
  • Any family members who have had trouble with anesthesia

Once it is determined that you are in a safe condition to have surgery, your family or friend may wait with you in the room until you are taken to surgery. From there, you will be taken directly to the operating room on a gurney or in a wheelchair for your safety. Your friends and family will then be directed to the waiting area.

Location & Contact

York Hospital Surgery Center
Loving Kindness Way, York, Maine 03909
Phone: (207) 351-2400
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