September 2020


We are filled with gratitude by our community’s generosity, confidence, kindness and action. Your support of York Hospital these past several months has been a critical factor in our ability to keep our community safe and strong.

Providing safe, trusted, quality care to our patients is the most important thing we do. As a community hospital, our patients are our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues and fellow citizens. We are writing to reassure you that York Hospital’s values remain deeply rooted—in the health, safety, comfort and care of the patients we serve. Despite the significant challenges of the past months, we have not wavered from that commitment. In fact, York Hospital recently achieved the highest possible rating—five stars—from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), in both overall quality and overall inpatient experiences.

We are eager and ready to safely provide the care you need now. We urge all our patients to seek care when needed, whether for a routine checkup that was delayed while sheltering in place, or something more concerning that was also put off and now requires more immediate attention. Please don’t delay making an appointment with your provider, either in the office or as a virtual visit via telephone or video conference if appropriate for your care.

We are committed to improving efficiencies and strengthening our solid foundation. Just like hospitals nationwide, York Hospital was financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the next weeks and months, we will focus on the core services at the heart of our mission in order to ensure that the hospital can support our community far into the future. Any service line changes that may lie ahead will be made with much thought and reflection, and will be grounded in our commitment to safe, trusted, quality care.

We ask for and appreciate your continued confidence and support as we work together. We strive to communicate openly and often, seeking your thoughts about what you, our community members, want and need, for your health matters. We are vigilant in our preparedness for any unforeseen challenges that may unfold.

York Hospital is committed to continuing our services with safe, trusted, quality care, now and into the future.

With our best wishes for a safe and healthy fall season,

Your York Hospital Leadership Team