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Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

Our orthopedic and sports physical therapists come from a wide array of backgrounds with extensive training and experience in evaluating a multitude of orthopedic injuries and post-operative procedures. We will work closely with you and your physician in establishing a plan of care so you can reach the goals you desire in your day-to-day life.

Care techniques backed by research

We work one-on-one with you, include family when you deem appropriate and are available by phone or email when questions and concerns arise. Our orthopedic therapists use research-based techniques including traditional methods as well as newer cutting-edge techniques.

We hold certifications in a range of subspecialties, including Functional Movement Assessments and Blood Flow Restriction, as well as training in Dynamic Variable Resistance, TRX, Mulligan, and Maitland therapies.

We treat patients of all ages, from acute pain to chronic disorders, and work with you in establishing the most appropriate recovery plan for you to achieve your goals.

Common referrals to our department include:

  • Neck pain (i.e. cervicogenic headaches, arthritis, neck-related arm pain, post-operative spinal surgery, disc issues).
  • Shoulder pain, post-operative shoulder surgeries, elbow pain, shoulder arthritis/tendon issues, labral issues, sport-related injuries.
  • Thoracic pain (i.e. Disc issues, arthritis, nerve pain, rib pain).
  • Low back pain (i.e. Disc issues, arthritis, lower extremity nerve pain, sacroiliac disorders, instability).
  • Hip, knee, ankle, and foot pathologies (i.e. Arthritis, tendon problems, meniscus/ligament/labral issues, bursitis), post-operative surgeries, sport-related injuries.

Extensive Treatments offered are:

  • Manual therapy to joints, muscles, and nerves.
  • Progressive strength training, sport-specific training with the use of body weight, resistive equipment, balance devices
  • Dry needling (functional and neurologic) to treat local and peripheral pain
  • Sports taping
  • Gait, assistive device training
  • Electrophysical modalities to treat pain, improve muscle function
  • Balance Training
  • Proper lifting mechanics

Atlantic Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine specializes in care ranging from concussions to pain management to sports medicine and more. Whether you’re dealing with a fracture, a sports-related injury, or need a total joint replacement, Atlantic is ready to care for you. Learn more about Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine here.