We are very pleased to introduce you to Judy!

Judy is a Registered Nurse who has been part of our ICU team for over forty years.  She began her nursing career in the Portland area, and after nearly a decade relocated to the Berkshires to accompany her husband as he attended Bible school. The couple then relocated to the Berwicks, at which point Judy first interviewed at York Hospital. During the interview process, Judy bumped into Dr. Stuart (also still on staff at York) who suggested that she jump at the opportunity to join our community hospital. Judy had previously worked alongside Dr. Stuart when he was in his residency in Portland.

After decades of commitment to the hospital and the surrounding communities, Judy continues to come in night after night because of her love for patient care. She cherishes the respect between nurses, providers and her colleagues. “There is a strong team on nights,” Judy says. “As a nurse, I feel respected in my decision making.” Judy enjoys working with patients and their families, too. In her free time, Judy and her husband of 48 years, David, enjoy power walking with their spirited black lab named Bella (Bella turns three this February), reading, playing piano, and being actively involved in their church and community.

Judy treasures her time with her six grandchildren and one great grandchild – attending sporting events and even tearing-up the pavement in go karts together quite recently. Being a caregiver is at the core of who Judy is, not only at her patient’s bedside. Judy shared that she had the privilege of being present and coaching her daughter at the birth of her four grandchildren all born at York Hospital. Tragically, in 2005 Judy’s daughter passed away suddenly. Judy supported her son-in-law and grandchildren through that difficult time, and has lovingly raised her granddaughter since her loss. Judy shared, “My faith and my hospital family got me through it, and touched my heart.” Twenty-one years after coaching her daughter through her deliveries, Judy found herself at her granddaughter’s side coaching her through the birth of her great granddaughter, born in the very same room as her daughter all those years before. Needless to say, the birthing team at York Hospital is very much a part of Judy’s YH family.

In addition to being a skilled, compassionate intensive care nurse, Judy is also experienced in childbirth education and as a Basic Life Support instructor. As if forty years with York isn’t enough of an accomplishment, Judy is also proud to be approaching fifty years of nursing excellence which she will achieve this June. We are proud of her, too. It is difficult to put into words how thankful we are to have caregivers with the skill, kindness and dedication that Judy exemplifies. We are grateful for the opportunity to share her story with you.

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