Image, clockwise, from top left:
Group shot of the YH Centering team with site evaluation visitors, L to R: Mariely Neris Rodriguez (Centering site accreditation team), Meredith Davis CNM, Rebecca Ciampa, Kris Rogers-Scherr CNM, Linda Dickson, Leah St. Onge, Karyn Winkler, Robyn Mertens, Joanna Corcoran CNM, Liz Stern (Centering site accreditation team). Centering Site Accreditation certificate. Elizabeth Kilgore RN, CD, CCE leads a group discussion with Centering patients. Dr. Erron Kinsler performs a belly check (fundal height measurement) to monitor a baby’s growth in the privacy of a screened-in corner of the Centering space.


We are thrilled to share some great news with our community! York Hospital OB/GYN and Midwifery has received official Site Accreditation from the Centering Healthcare Institute. Centering® is an innovative model of care that brings expectant moms into a unique group setting and combines health assessment, interactive learning and community-building, along with private time with their provider to monitor their baby’s growth. York Hospital has hosted 16 Centering groups since June 2018. The 10-session program allows more time to explore important health and wellness topics. Through facilitated discussion, the women learn how to best care for themselves during pregnancy to keep mom and baby healthy and feeling supported. Providing care in this way allows moms and providers to relax and get to know each other on a much deeper and meaningful level. Centering moms are better prepared for labor, delivery, and caring for their infant. Practices report fewer after-hours calls and emergency visits from Centering moms because they better understand what is normal during pregnancy and what is cause for concern. In addition, members have formed lasting friendships and are connected in ways not possible in traditional care.

Transforming prenatal health care services at York Hospital from the traditional one-on-one patient visits to the Centering group care model presented many challenges and involved a system redesign so that changes to scheduling, the environment, and new patient enrollment could occur. The facilitative approach to patient care that is the foundation of Centering required providers and staff to change the way they relate to and communicate with patients. Official site accreditation means that the Centering Healthcare Institute has found that our practice demonstrates fidelity to the Centering model of care and is on track for sustainability. Daphne Mazuz, Lead Practice Services Manager at Centering Healthcare Institute, congratulated York Hospital, saying: “We appreciate that this represents the commitment of considerable time, energy and resources. It is unusual for a site to achieve accreditation with their initial application, so special congratulations to you and your team.”

The visitor report included with the official accreditation letter highlighted numerous program strengths, including a strong, detail oriented Centering coordinator; good teamwork; 100% provider participation; robust marketing efforts leading to strong patient participation; and a beautiful Centering room. While this has truly been a hospital-wide effort–from leadership to marketing to caregivers in housekeeping, family care, dining & nutrition, and more–special recognition needs to go to RN Elizabeth Kilgore for coordinating the work since the program’s inception, and to Dr. Kinsler for a great idea and for her tremendous support and energy for the program along with support from the facilitators and steering committee members listed here.

Trained facilitators include:
Dr. Erron Kinsler
Dr. Robert Cervenka
Dr. Sally Hanson
Kris Rogers-Scherr CNM
Joanna Corcoran CNM
Meredith Davis CNM
Robyn Mertens RNC-OB, IBCLC
Leah St. Onge BSN, RN, CLC, CNOR
Karyn Winkler RN, CLC
Elizabeth Kilgore RN, CD, CCE
Andrea Foley BSN, RN
Amanda Vets BSN, RNC-OB, CLC

Steering Committee members include:
Dr. Erron Kinsler
Rebecca Ciampa
Robyn Mertens, RNC-OB, IBCLC
Jody Merrill
Linda Dickson
Melody Narramore
Greg Dalzell CNO
Mackenzie Downs
Meredith Davis
Hilary Leonhard
Elizabeth Kilgore, RN, CD, CCE, Chairperson

Congratulations to everyone involved for the hard work and dedication leading up to this achievement. Accreditation is renewed on a yearly basis. York Hospital looks forward to Centering in our community for years to come! For more information about Centering, please visit the Centering page on our website.