We are committed to presenting the most up-to-date news to help keep you informed about current and emerging health threats that may impact our communities. Today’s Health Care Hub includes information about the status of COVID-19, INFLUENZA and RSV across the state and nationally. Please click on any of the links provided to access additional information or resources. Thank you.



  • YORK HOSPITAL INPATIENT CENSUS, 1/23/2023:  8 inpatients 
  • COVID TREATMENT:  COVID Treatment Options at York Hospital are outlined here.
  • IMMUNOCOMPROMISED PATIENTS: Evusheld is recommended as pre-exposure prevention, to be given every six months by injection, for all immunocompromised patients. WHO IS CONSIDERED IMMUNOCOMPROMISED? Examples include someone who is undergoing active cancer treatment for tumors/cancers of the blood; taking medications post-organ transplant to suppress the immune system; living with advanced or untreated HIV infection; or in active treatment with high-dose corticosteroids or other drugs that may suppress the immune response. Please contact your provider for information about eligibility, or visit the Maine CDC COVID-19 page.
  • VISITOR POLICY: Our Visitor Policy remains unchanged (one visitor at a time with some exceptions)
  • MASKING POLICY: Masking continues to be required at all health care facilities. Thank you for understanding that asking everyone—staff, patients and visitors—to wear a mask while at any York Hospital location is an important safeguard for our vulnerable patient population as well as for visitors and staff, due to elevated transmission rates of the virus in the community.



  • INFLUENZA  continues to be on the rise across the country, with a steady increase in numbers. COVID will remain, but awareness of other respiratory infections should remain high.
  • State of Maine Flu data is now being reported on the Maine CDC Influenza 2022-2023 page.
  • MASKING: Masking is recommended for anyone experiencing respiratory symptoms.



  • YH POSITIVITY RATE: For the week of 01/13/23 to 12/29/22, no testing was performed.
  • PATIENT CARE GUIDANCE is being developed by York Hospital Pediatrics, Emergent Care and Walk-In Care teams. We continue to monitor case numbers of areas to the south of us. 
  • GENERAL INFORMATION: For additional information about RSV, please visit the Maine CDC website.


  • Please reach out with any additional questions or concerns you may have to:

Timothy S. Pike, DO, MBA, CPE, FACP
Chief Medical Officer
 (207) 351-2353
[email protected]

Charity A. Neal, RN
Executive Director

(207) 351-2013
[email protected]