In order to continue to care for our patients, visitors and our own caregivers in both the safest and kindest way possible, we are pleased to announce that we are implementing the following updated guidelines for our “Patient Support” visitors, to allow one support person per patient, as indicated below. In order to minimize risk for our patients and caregivers, we feel it’s prudent to continue to restrict general visitors and multiple visitors per patient at this time.

As of June 25th, the main campus is allowing ONE support person per patient, arriving for Outpatient Surgery, Cath Lab procedures or for an in-patient already admitted to Strater, Biewend or ICU.

The Emergency Department, along with other outpatient areas, including Imaging and provider practices, will continue with our current policy, which does not allow support persons at this time. Exceptions will be made under circumstances that require assistance for the patient due to the patient’s inability to communicate or understand.  These circumstances are to be communicated and approved by the specific department.

York Hospital remains committed to keeping our patients and visitors safe at all times while caring for all with loving kindness. The complete updated patient support visitor guidelines can be found here.