While COVID-19 vaccine concerns dominate many conversations, from the national news pundits to socially distanced strangers in the grocery store checkout line, York Hospital hopes to provide more helpful and factual information for those discussions. Everyone agrees this subject generates strong opinions, whether related to COVID-19 or the flu, or those recommended by the medical community for decades.

On Thursday, May 6, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., York Hospital will host a webinar, “Vaccination Questions? Ask York Hospital Experts.” Infectious Diseases Physician Dr. Evangeline Thibodeau will address the latest on COVID-19 vaccines, presenting the most current information and data. After the presentation, these York Hospital physicians will join Dr. Thibodeau for a Q&A forum:

The following COVID-19 vaccine topics will be addressed during the program:

  • If it was developed quickly for “emergency use authorization” (EUA), how do we know it’s safe?
  • Understanding the pause on the J&J vaccine
  • Is it safe for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding?
  • Does it affect fertility?
  • Are the side-effects dangerous?
  • If I have allergies, is it safe?
  • If I’ve already had COVID-19, why do I still need the vaccine?
  • How does herd immunity work?

If you would like to separate vaccine facts from fiction, sign up via Eventbrite or visit the events page of our website, and tune in on May 6, at 12 noon. When you register, you will also have the opportunity to submit a question for the presenters to address during the program. A recording will be available for public viewing on the hospital’s YouTube channel after the event.

For additional information, contact York Hospital Community Relations at (207) 351-2385 or [email protected].