Anyone Age 18+ May Register NOW for their COVID-19 Vaccine – Call our Hotline at 207-752-8685 to make your appointment!

Following today’s announcement by the Maine CDC, effective immediately, York Hospital will register all ANYONE (non-residents included) in the state of Maine, age 18 and over, for a vaccine appointment  – no waiting list!

York  Hospital’s vaccine clinic is located at St. Christopher’s Church, 4 Barrell Lane, York. Clinic Hours are Monday – Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. York Hospital’s goal remains to offer clinics Monday through Friday, providing 400 vaccines (both first and second doses) each day, dependent upon our vaccine allocation.

PLEASE NOTE: Because our clinic provides the MODERNA Vaccine, per the guidance of the FDA, only those age 18 and older are eligible to receive it.

Please continue to our vaccine web page at for all registration instructions as well as additional updates and information.