Photographer Jen Lippe and The Front Porch Project of the Seacoast sure know how to welcome someone home! When the YH Surgery team recently returned to the Surgery Center, able to schedule a limited rotation of elective surgeries in addition to emergent procedures, The Front Porch Project, in collaboration with 1690 Bakehouse & Café of Wells, delivered a “Front Line Lunch” to remember. Everyone — from techs to nurses to physicians —  had the opportunity to enjoy delectable delights such as strawberry spinach salad and quiche, southwestern chicken salad sandwiches, corn chowder, scones and cookies.

Haven’t heard about The Front Porch Project yet? Photographers like Jen, all across the country, have been capturing photos of families on their doorsteps to document life in the time of COVID-19 when staying home is deemed the safest place to be. This global grassroots project has raised awareness and support for the frontline caregivers fighting to keep everybody safe during the pandemic.

Thank you so much to Jen Lippe and to 1690 Bakeshop owners Grace Olson and Kristen and Doug Perry, for celebrating York Hospital caregivers as they strive to keep our community safe every day, and for delivering this amazing frontline caregiver lunch to OUR Front Porch!


Above image, clockwise from upper left: 1690 Bakehouse & Café Owners Kristen & Doug Perry and Grace Olson safely social distance with photographer Jen Lippe of The Front Porch Project of The Seacoast, who is holding a signed photo montage from the Front Porch Project. York Hospital Surgical team members smilingly express gratitude for both lunch and the photo montage!