Left: Erinn Needham crosses her 10K finish line at York Hospital in Wells. Right: Erinn, surrounded by friends, family and YH caregivers who came out to cheer her on.


(From a December 7 article)   Congratulations to York Hospital patient Erinn Needham for two milestone achievements. On December 2, Erinn turned her final breast cancer chemotherapy treatment into a 10K fundraiser, “The Chemo Day 10K Rainbow Soiree Run,” running from her home in Kennebunk to York Hospital Oncology in Wells. There, friends, supporters, and a group of York Hospital caregivers cheered her across the finish line.

Of her decision to run to her final treatment session, Erinn said:  “A bell is often rung at the end of cancer treatments, but out of solidarity with those who have stage IV carcinomas, whose treatments often do not end, I wanted to raise money instead. Thirty percent of all breast cancers will experience metastasis (migration to other organs) but only 2-5% of research funding goes to MBC. 100% of what I raise will go directly to funding.”

Erinn’s medical oncologist at York Hospital, Dr. Peter Georges, noted that he had no doubts her run would be successful as she had worked hard and displayed determination throughout her treatment. He shared, “Her attitude showed true resilience, optimism and strength. She kept an active lifestyle with her family. She was a ball of energy and I believe she will do well.”

Donations to Erinn’s fundraiser can be made through December 31 at

We applaud Erinn’s spirit and are honored to be at her side during her remarkable run to recovery.  Read Erinn’s inspiring story here: Kennebunk, Maine woman runs 10K fundraiser to final chemo treatment (