U.S. News & World Report recently ranked York Hospital as a “2022-2023 High Performing Hospital for Maternity Care,” the highest recognition a hospital can receive for maternity care. The annual evaluation assists expectant parents, in consultation with their providers, in making informed decisions about where best to receive maternity care. Fewer than 300 hospitals earned this designation.

“I am so proud of the birthing center team for the comprehensive and collaborative care they provide our patients. Their focus on safety and ensuring the best possible birthing experience has made it possible for them to receive this recognition,” said Chief Nursing Officer Pam Poulin, MS, RN, CENP.

The rating focused on uncomplicated pregnancies, where high performing hospitals had fewer early deliveries, fewer C-sections, fewer newborn complications than other hospitals, and higher rates of breast milk feeding. U.S. News evaluated nearly 650 hospitals that provide labor and delivery services and submitted detailed data for analysis. The data was collected for a two-month period, beginning March 9, 2022.

The ranking draws information regarding the quality of care from three categories: outcomes (60%), processes (35%), and structure (5%). This year’s methodology incorporates four measures not previously included in the ranking metrics: episiotomy rates, vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC) rates, and whether each hospital met new federal criteria for “birthing-friendly” practices.

U.S. News reports York Hospital Maternity Care by the numbers:

  • Scheduled Early Deliveries:  Never or rarely scheduled deliveries earlier than recommended.
  • C-sections:  Less than 23.6% of first-time, low-risk pregnancies at full-term were delivered by Cesarean section.
  • Newborn Complications: 3.3% of lower-risk births involved newborn complications. National average is 3.2%.
  • Breast Milk Feeding:  80% of babies were exclusively breastfed or fed breast milk during their hospital stay. The average in the Northeast is 45% and nationally 50%.
  • Vaginal Births After Cesarean (VBAC):  Routinely offers to support VBAC with rate of 6.5%.
  • Episiotomies:  Rate is under 5%.
  • Birthing-Friendly:  Participated in quality improvement collaborative and implemented patient safety practices which improve maternal outcomes.

Miracles – The Diana Baldwin Dunnan Family Center at York Hospital provides a full array of obstetric services including immersive tub hydrotherapy, antepartum testing (a variety of tests performed late in pregnancy to verify fetal well-being), labor and delivery, postpartum and newborn care, as well as inpatient pediatric services. It also offers expectant parents private suites, which comfortably allow partners to stay overnight post-delivery.

Physicians, experienced nurse midwives and specialized obstetric and pediatric nurses use the latest technology, such as fetal monitoring surveillance, electronic medication administration, and the HUGS security system. Additionally, York Hospital’s newborn telemedicine partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital offers comprehensive and immediate access to world-renowned experts in neonatal medicine. The center is designated a Baby-Friendly© site, where lactation specialists are always available to assist breastfeeding mothers. In addition, The Centering Pregnancy program has now become an integral service offered by the birthing staff. This innovative, evidence-based model of group care combines health assessment, interactive learning and community to deliver optimal health care to expectant mothers.

To make an appointment or for more information regarding obstetric services at York Hospital, please visit OB/GYN, Surgical & Midwifery Associates of York Hospital. For further information about other York Hospital programs and services, contact Community Relations at 207-351-2385 or [email protected].