On Veterans Day, we would like to honor and thank “our” veterans. One way we do that, today and every day, is through a simple new resource developed by our Spiritual Care Team for patients: a “Thank You” notecard, featuring a United States flag, that can be used to offer personal notes affirming our veterans’ service, sacrifice and feelings. The essence of Spiritual Care at YH is understanding who patients are as people. What are the things that matter most to them? What stories do they want to tell? To find out we ask them about their lives and families. When a patient has served in the military, and shares memories or feelings about that chapter in their lives, these flag notecards provide a vehicle with which we can open or follow up on conversations. (Not all veterans wish to talk about their experiences. But when the patient or family members — who often still consider themselves military families — make it clear that revisiting that era is something they welcome, these cards provide a conduit.)

A wreath is placed in the Loving Kindness Chapel on Veterans Day, flags (donated by Volunteer Barry Waddell) wave in outside planters around campus, and Volunteer Cynthia Hosmer has prepared and placed red, white and blue centerpieces in the hospital cafeteria.

To our York Hospital caregivers who served, or currently serve, in the military, and their family members, we appreciate and thank you for your dedication and service to your country and to your community through your work at York Hospital.

To our York Hospital volunteer caregivers who served in the military, and their family members, we thank you for your service as well as for the generous gift to York Hospital of your time and talents. We celebrate, below, those volunteers who have chosen to share their military backgrounds with us.

The husband of Spiritual Care volunteer, Donna Bakke, served in the Air Force from 1958 to 1962. Thank you, Donna, for the work you do as part of the Spiritual Care team and to your husband for his years of military service.

Russell Beaulieu, Front Concierge Escort, has volunteered with his wife, June, since 1991. Russell served in WWII, U.S. Army Special Services, 29th Army Military Band. Russell was stationed at Wiesbaden, Germany from 1946 to 1948. Thank you, Russell and June, for your service to York Hospital and thank you, Russell, for your military service.

Charlotte Bell, a new 2020 volunteer in Oncology, served as a USAF wife supporting her husband, Kenneth, in his military career for over 20 years, “experiencing relocations, unaccompanied travel, being far from family and following the protocol of military life.”  Thank you, Charlotte and Kenneth, for your service and sacrifices on behalf of our country.

We bid farewell to Peter Blanchard, a YH volunteer since 2005, most recently in Medical Records, as he embarks on new adventures in life with his wife, Sudie. Peter was in the USAF air police from 1962-1964. We will miss you, Peter, and we thank you for your service.

Long-time Surgical Center volunteer Carmela Braun’s late husband, James Braun, was a Vietnam veteran and also served in the Peace Corps in Indonesia from 1966 to 1968. Thoughts are with you on Veterans Day, Carmela, as we honor your husband’s service.

Tom Brown, a volunteer since 2015 in Patient Supplies and the Bridges Program, was in the Army from 1967-1970, with a 12-month combat infantry tour in Vietnam from 1967-1968, first in the 101st Airborne Division and then in the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Thank you, Tom, for your service.

Linda Cannon, a two-year volunteer Patient Rounder and member of the Patient Experiences Committee, has a son, Brian Cannon, who served in the US Army for 3 years and the Army Reserve for 20 years. Thank you, Linda, for your dedication to York Hospital and to your son, Brian, for his service.

Mike Conlon, a Spiritual Care volunteer, served 20 years in the Air Force, retiring as a Lt Col. Mike was always assigned to the AF Office of Special Investigations as a Special Agent and served stateside and in overseas positions in Thailand and in Italy. After an assignment in Washington, Mike retired at Pease AFB in 1987.

Joe Dombrowski, a volunteer in Patient Supplies for the past four years, served in WWII in the U.S. Army. Thank you, Joe, for your service.

Bridges volunteer and Senior Companion, Lorraine Donovan, comes from a military family. Lorraine’s grandfather served in the Philippines; her father fought in WWII Navy and WWI Armory; her eight uncles fought in WWII Navy; and her son served in the Navy. That is a total of 150 years of military service for this dedicated family, which was recognized with a Naval Office commendation personally delivered by representatives from Washington, DC.

Dan Duffy volunteers in Patient Supplies and has been a volunteer at York Hospital since 2004. Dan was in the U.S. Air Force in the 1960s. We appreciate you, Dan, for your military and your York Hospital service.

Dave Geggis, a Front Concierge Escort for almost 9 years now, served tours in the U.S. Army from 1957-58 and in 1961-62 was reactivated into an artillery support battalion for the 101st Airborne Division during the Berlin crisis. Thank you, Dave, for your service.

Bob Goehrig, volunteer in The Concierge for Imaging and the Lab for the past two years, served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1953 to 1956, achieving the rank of Sargent. Bob served in the Mediterranean, in PR, and was a member of the Fleet Marine Force. Thank you, Bob, for your service.

Our newest volunteer, Bernie Gold, part of the Meal Delivery team, served in U.S. Navy from 1954 to 1956 aboard the U.S.S. Edisto, a Wind-class icebreaker stationed in the Antarctic. Bernie qualified for the GI Bill and went to college when he got out. Welcome, Bernie, and thank you for your service.

Volunteer Jimmy Hager, a 12-year volunteer, currently assists in Patient Supplies. Jimmy joined the Army in 1959 for 3 years.  He was stationed in Germany during some of that time.  Jimmy said, “I was shot at while manning the Berlin Wall but it wasn’t severe, thank goodness.” Thank you, Jimmy, for your service.

Spiritual Care volunteer Rick Hennessy spent almost 5 years in the Air Force gaining experience in electronics while working on B52s and KC135 electronics. This led him to a lifetime of working with computers. Thank you, Rick, for your service.

Five-year volunteer Jackie Lawruk, former YH caregiver, comes from a military family. Her grandfather, Raoul Ravenelle, fought in WWI in the Army; her father, George Tessier, fought in WWII as an Army interpreter (German & French); her uncle, John McGranaham, fought in the Korean War in the Army; and her brother, Tom Tessier, served five tours in Vietnam in the Air Force. Thank you to this dedicated family.

One of our 2020 volunteers, Paul Lucy, served with the Marine Corps in the early 1960s, USMCR Captain, 1969. Thank you for your service, Paul.

Volunteer Priscilla Madore’s husband, Fred Madore, served two tours of duty in Vietnam with the U.S. Army, receiving a Purple Heart. Fred is a former York Hospital caregiver. Thank you for your service, Fred.

David McGuire, a meal delivery volunteer driver for the past 3 year, was drafted into the Army and served from September 1969 – June 1971.  He was discharged as a Spec 5/ E5. Thank you, David, for your service.

Karla Moulton, Bridges Program volunteer for the past two years, served in the Air Force, active duty for 6 years and then as an Air Force spouse for another 14 years. Karla’s son currently serves in the Army. Thank you, Karla and family, for your service.

Volunteer Penny Poirier’s husband, Charles Poirier, served six years in the Army from 1962 through 1968. Thank you to Penny for your 18 years of volunteer service to York Hospital and to Charles for your military service.

Tom Plummer, a new 2020 volunteer as a Wells B Screener, served in the USAF from 1970-1973, proudly serving in Vietnam with the 366 TFW (The Gunfighters of Danang) from 1971-1972. We appreciate your service, Tom.

Barry Waddell, a Patient Rounder for two years, served for 28 years as a naval officer and pilot. Barry is the current Chairman of York’s Committee for Veterans Affairs. Thank you, Barry, for your service and for collaborating with and providing support to York Hospital on Veteran’s Day.

Patient Supplies volunteer Chris Woodbury, a York Hospital volunteer for ten years, served in the USAF from 1956 to 1961 and was a SAC Survival School instructor. Chris’s brother, Peter Woodbury, served in the US Navy during the Bay of Pigs Era. He was a weather forecaster aboard the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42) 1957 to 1958 – Air Intelligence and the USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2) 1961 to 1963- Weather. Thank you, Chris and Peter for your service.

Special thanks to Hannaford & Dumas Printers for generously donating our flag notecards. Special thanks also to Volunteer Barry Waddell for donating the flags for our outside planters, and to Volunteer Cynthia Hosmer for preparing the red, white and blue flower center pieces for the cafeteria. If we inadvertently left any veterans off of this list, please know that your service is no less valued. To ALL the veterans in our York Hospital family: Thank You for your service to your country, your friends, family, and fellow citizens. You are greatly appreciated, today and always.