The York Hospital Bridges Program has been partnering with the Opportunity Alliance Senior Companion Program for almost 14 years. The Senior Companion Program provides opportunities for men and women 55 years and older who are interested in volunteering 5-40 hours a week to support independent living for older adults. Income eligible Senior Companions receive a non-taxable stipend; all receive training, supervision, recognition, and assistance with meals and transportation. Stef Fairchild, Volunteer Coordinator for Senior Volunteer Programs, said, “In partnering with the Bridges program, our volunteers can reach significantly more people needing the assistance that enables them to remain living independently. One of the most satisfying aspects of this partnership is hearing of its impact on both the volunteer and clients served.”  While talking with one of the Sr. Companions who is part of the Bridges Program, she said, “I am overwhelmed when my companions tell me how important I am to them, and that for a few hours each week they forget all their health concerns.  I am also very humbled and feel grateful I have the fantastic opportunity to share my life with so many wonderful people”. To learn more about the Senior Companion Program, please call 207-773-0202 or email To learn more about the York Hospital Bridges Program, please contact Volunteer Services at 207-351-2224 or at

Pictured above are thee Senior Companions who are part of the York Hospital Bridges Program, with Stef Fairchild. From left to right: Christine Perreault, Stef Fairchild, Lorraine Donovan, Donna Davis.