York Hospital’s Choose To Be Healthy Coalition is pleased to announce the addition of a new substance use prevention initiative that is grant-funded by Maine Prevention Services. This program, which will be called EMERGE, is a new initiative which is focused on targeting the “emerging” or young adult population, ages 18-25. Our work will include collaborations between York County Community College, local Adult Education Centers, the York County District Court, as well as local hospitality businesses.

Some of the projects will include:

  • Offering Prime For Life Universal (PFLU) classes in local Adult Education. PFLU is an evidence based prevention program to help people learn to reduce their risks of alcohol and drug related problems.
  • Implementing PFLU for individuals who are involved in the Court System.
  •  Implementing E-CHECKUP at York County Community College, which is a confidential online assessment about substance use behaviors and provides resources for support.
  • Substance use education offered to local business’s in addition to existing Responsible Seller Server training.
  • A workgroup that meets monthly to share experiences and expertise.

Currently, our data shows us that in York County, 55% of emerging adults report drinking alcohol in the last 30 days, with 35% of those reporting binge drinking (BRFSS, 2013-2016). Our data also shows that 18.8% of adults ages 18-34 report marijuana use in the past 30 days (BRFSS, 2013-2016).

For further information, please reach out to Program Coordinator Stephanie Masters-Plamondon by phone at (207) 351-2660 or by email at

Pictured above, program coordinator Stephanie Masters-Plamondon and YCCC Director of Counseling and Wellness Penny Remick review a flyer for the EMERGE programs’s online E-Checkup assessment.