What is York Hospital doing to keep you safe?

The following is a list of initiatives that York Hospital staff and physicians do on a daily basis to help keep you safe while as a patient here - be it in the ER, as an inpatient, in the surgery center, or even at home!  

We clearly identify ourselves. 

All staff are required to wear nametags, and properly identify themselves and what they will be providing for you.  

We clearly identify you! 

Identification bracelets are given to patients to wear during your stay in the ER and inpatient areas.  Members of your care team will clarify your name before giving you any medications and before performing any procedures or tests.    

We have protocols in place to prevent falls.

We have a "fall prevention" improvement team that develops initiatives to decrease the risk of falling while as a patient in the hospital, or at home.  Initiatives include: providing special socks to patients to decrease the risk of falling; using non-slip surfaces in patient rooms, hallways and bathrooms; providing educational brochures to patients with helpful suggestions to reduce the risk of falling at home.

We have a system to prevent wrong site surgeries.

Our surgical teams conduct mandatory "time out" sessions before your procedure/surgery begins to ensure you are the correct patient, that the procedure being done is the correct procedure, and, depending on your surgery/procedure, that the correct body part is marked.  

We have services to prevent medication errors. 

We utilize wrist band scanning technology in our emergency room, and inpatient areas to provide information and ensure correct information about you, your medication, and the dosage prescribed by your physician.   We also utilize electronic prescriptions to decrease errors that may occur from handwritten prescription orders wherever possible.  

We wash our hands.

We either use soap and water or an alcohol based cleanser before and after treating you.  You are welcome to ask your healthcare provider to wash their hands in front of you before examining you.  

We use technology for your patient records. 

We are transitioning from paper charts records to computerized records throughout the hospital.  This makes you safer by enhancing communication between your health care providers.  Soon, we plan to add a patient portal system for patients to be able to access secure, personal health information.  

We protect your privacy.

We close the door, whenever possible, when we discuss your medical information or provide treatment for you.  We are working to convert all of our patient rooms to private rooms to enhance your care.  Currently, 100% of rooms in birthing, intensive care, surgery and emergency are private rooms; and in inpatient areas, we are currently at 70% private rooms, however, renovations continue with our goal to be at 100% as soon as possible.   We do not share your information with anyone outside of your care without your authorization.    

We have doctors and nurses specially trained in quality working to make our hospital safer.

We have a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, clinicians and hospital leadership dedicated to keeping you safe.  They discuss quality statistics, regulatory measures, and patient satisfaction data and develop plans to constantly measure and exceed goals and objectives around patient safety and quality care.  

For more information, please feel free to contact our Friendraising office at 207-351-2385 or via e-mail at info@yorkhospital.com.
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