The Recovery Center

York Hospital’s Cottage Program is the premier seacoast area program offering outpatient treatment for adults and adolescents with addictions, and for those affected by others’ use.


The Cottage Program’s “Phase Program” provides an intensive outpatient program for treatment of alcohol and/or other drug abuse and dependence. Phase I and Phase II are programs that together provide professional support for 6 months of the recovery process.

  • Phase I: A 6-week, 18 consecutive session program of intense treatment and education for the chemically dependent person. Group sessions are held from 3-7pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and cover addiction and recovery; family concerns and whole person wellness. In order to provide high quality care, the number of clients in each group is limited. Clients and their family/friends are provided meals in the hospital cafeteria on the nights of the group sessions.
  • Phase II: Is an 18-week aftercare group, which meets weekly for 90 minutes upon completion of Phase I. Designed to offer continued treatment and support during early recovery, as well as address specific issues related to sobriety and a healthy lifestyle. The goals of these programs are to assist clients and their families in leading productive lives without the negative influences of addictive, mood-altering substances.


One-on-one sessions with a trained counselor, usually on a weekly basis. The client and counselor together to create an individualized treatment plan for meeting the client’s treatment goals. Significant others or those affected may be invited into counseling sessions with the approval of the client.


The Cottage Program is an approved provider of both evaluation and treatment for individuals involved in the State of Maine Driver Education Evaluation Program (DEEP). Those charged with driving under the influence. Cottage Program evaluation and treatment may also be used to meet requirements of New Hampshire’s Impaired Driver Intervention Program. Clients referred by Maine DEEP or New Hampshire’s IDIP take part in an assessment process with a trained counselor, to determine the client’s treatment needs. Recommendations are made for a treatment plan through which a client may meet the requirements for driver’s license restoration.


All of our Counselors are licensed and masters level. The medical director is a contracted psychiatrist who provides clinical supervision and medical chart review.


We are located at the Cottage Program on the lower level of the Medical Office Building at 16 Hospital Drive on the York Hospital campus. Take the elevator to level “B” and the office is just around the corner! The Cottage Program is open Monday- Friday, 8:30am – 5pm, with individual appointments made in the evening when needed. The Intensive Outpatient program provides services on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3 -7pm.

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We can also be reached by phone at: (207) 351-2118.