Welcome to York Hospital’s Online Art Gallery!

The York Hospital Art Committee is pleased to present its 2021 exhibition schedule, featuring the following four artists:

  • Cynthia Knowles Watercolors (April 15 through June 14)
  • Kevin Molloy Photography (June 15 through August 14)
  • William Harby Paintings (August 15 through October 14)
  • Caroline Kelley Pastels (October 15 through December 30)



On View Now: Caroline Kelley Pastels

Pastel paintings by artist Caroline Kelley are on view from October 15, 2021 to December 30, 2021. Click on the painting below to open the artist’s online art gallery.

Of her artistic process, Caroline says:

“I am a pastel painter from seacoast Maine who treasures her memories of this inspiring landscape. Memories of moments that are both imperfect and fleeting. My New England is forests, beaches, marshes and mountains, small towns on ports, or built around rivers straddled by textile mills. Through the changing seasons, I paint spring gardens, cold winters, lake summers, stone walls and fall leaves. Pastel painting allows me to work with vibrant, accurate color in an expressive manner that I hope conveys the pleasure I receive in witnessing all of these.

I admire the work of the American Impressionists who were active along our seacoast. And I hope to emulate the tradition of fine, independent craftsmanship embedded in New England culture. This tradition proves that practicality and creativity go hand in hand with idealism, friendship, individuality, and a good sense of humor.”

A portion of the proceeds from each art sale will be donated to the York Hospital Caring For All Fund. You may view a price list here. For more information about works of art on view in this online gallery, or to learn about the fund, please contact Community Relations at 207-351-2385 or [email protected]. The online gallery first opened in April, 2021 as a way to reach beyond the COVID-19 restrictions that prevented visitors from coming in to the York Hospital Dining Room where a rotating schedule of works by local artists has added color and joy to the atmosphere for years. Read the whole story here.



View Caroline Kelley’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.




Prior exhibitions may be viewed by clicking on the images below.


Cynthia Knowles Watercolors 

The work of watercolor artist Cynthia Knowles was on view from April 15 to June 15, 2021. Cynthia was a professional pen and ink artist and calligrapher for many years. She began working with watercolors in 2013, while wintering in Florida. There she studied with local artists Jim Beech, Patt Bacon and Nancy Colby as well as world-renowned artist Tony Couch. Cynthia specializes in landscapes and is known for her attention to detail and her ability to evoke the ‘feeling’ of a place. Cynthia is a fulltime resident of York, Maine, and a member of the Charlotte County Visual Arts and the York Art Associations. View Cynthia’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.

Kevin Molloy Photography

The work of photographer Kevin Molloy was on view from June 15 to August 16, 2021. Kevin is a passionate landscape photographer, a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association and an ambassador for the Shutterbugs for Charity. He has won several local photo contests and has had multiple winning images in AAA’s annual photo contest – with images published in AAA’s magazine “Northern New England Journey.” Most of Kevin’s images are New England landscape photos highlighting nature, many with a water element in them. View Kevin’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.

William Harby Paintings

Paintings by the late artist William Harby (1927–2015) were on view from August 16, 2021 to October 14, 2021. William Harby, whose careers in art and engineering alternated and overlapped for much of his life, spent many of his most creative and productive artistic years in York in the summer home and studio on Western Point he shared with his family. Educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he first served as an ambulance driver in the American Field Service and US army from 1952 to 1954 and then studied art in London and Paris as part of the GI Bill. An early engineering career in the burgeoning tech industry around Boston for such companies as Raytheon, Advanced Research and Nabisco led him, in 1965, to the Harvard College Observatory, where he served as program manager  for the Orbiting Solar Observatory, a joint project with NASA and the Skylab Program, for two decades.

Retiring mid-career, Harby then became a full-time artist, traveling around the world and working on both painting and sculpture. He exhibited frequently, and his work is in many private and institutional collections. In 1989, working with Laura Catanzaro and C. R. Rogers, he won a competition for the design of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in Green Park, Worcester, Massachusetts, which was completed in 2002.

This show was curated from the large body of work Harby produced over six decades, consisting of over 500 paintings, hundreds of drawings, sculptures and assemblages in metal, stone and other materials. The work explores the range of possibility from representation to abstraction with an emphasis on bold expressive gestures and complementing and harmonizing colors.

View William’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.