Spiritual Care

York Hospital recognizes that healing includes all dimensions of a person’s life. Healing takes many forms. Emotional and spiritual healing can be as powerful as physical cure, bringing with it a new sense of wholeness, acceptance of one’s self and others, and inner peace.
Spiritual care is available to all, whether or not you have religious beliefs. 

When you are in the hospital, you may be feeling anxious, angry, sad or any number of emotions. Or, you may be rejoicing at the birth of a child or a successful surgery and wish to celebrate with a blessing or prayer.

Times of difficulty and crisis often make people wonder about deep questions of meaning and purpose. A chaplain can give you space to express the feelings you are experiencing or explore your spiritual doubts and longings..

Chaplains  do not force discussions about God on you..

Chaplains  provide confidential, compassionate, and nonjudgmental listening..

Chaplains  can provide information and guidance regarding ethical questions and end –of-life decisions..

Chaplains  assist patients and families in fostering hope while on their journey – in changing what can be changed, and in coping positively and peacefully with what cannot be changed..

Please let us know how we can best serve you. Chaplains can be reached by making a request through your nurse or by dialing 0 for the switchboard operator..

If you want to speak with someone who comes from your own church or faith, you can make that request through the hospital chaplain at x 3647. We will do our best to contact them and arrange a visit..

Reiki:  Reiki services are offered through our Wellness program

The Loving Kindness Room: This space, designed to provide an oasis of quiet in the center of our busy hospital environment, is available for patient, family, and staff use when in need of time for reflection, peace, prayer, meditation, or clergy visits. The room offers comfortable seating, reflection reading materials, and a quiet atmosphere. It is available for use at any time and is located on the 2nd Floor of the Hancock Wing, near the Breast Care Center.
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