We are pleased to introduce Catherine, a.k.a. KD, a physical therapist at York Hospital Rehab Services in South Berwick. KD joined York Hospital as a PT assistant 13 years ago after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. She continued her education, achieving her doctorate degree in physical therapy and working in that capacity at York Hospital in South Berwick. Her desire to become a health care provider started with high school athletics, from which she went on to job shadow at the York Long Sands location and decided to pursue her career in physical therapy. She would have loved to have been paid to work out for the rest of her life, and this career path has permitted her to do just that!

KD is a busy married mom of three young children, ages six, five and two. She enjoys running, spinning and working out. If she is not doing one of those three things, you might find her enjoying the ocean at Harbor Beach. KD’s passion for running has manifested itself through her participation in 11 marathons: Boston (six times); NYC; Chicago; Cape Cod; Sugarloaf; and Manchester.

Her career with York Hospital has provided KD with many opportunities to learn from her patients as they answer numerous “life questions.” She graciously receives their advice and feels she gets as much from them as they do from her. KD offers a glimpse inside the Rehab team, sharing that as a whole, the team is “like a giant family” and is supportive and willing to assist fellow caregivers in achieving their career goals.

Thanks to caregivers like KD with such skill, kindness and dedication, York Hospital continues its mission and vision of Loving Kindness.

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