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Breast Cancer Living Well Program

The Breast Cancer Living Well Program provides patient-care services and support to people who have been diagnosed with, are undergoing treatment for, or are recovering from breast cancer. We are focused on our patients’ well-being and quality of life.

A variety of program options

Every patient’s path is different, so we offer a variety of programs depending on your diagnosis and treatment plan. Those programs include:

  • Pre-operative Classes provide women with an individual overview of what to expect before and after surgery
  • Pre-operative Reiki to reduce stress and improve sense of well-being
  • Massage dedicated to breast care by a professional trained in post-operative breast cancer massage treatments
  • Guided Meditation and Spiritual Support
  • Emergency Assistance provides immediate access to gas or grocery gift cards for women and their families who may be struggling financially during breast cancer treatment
  • Creativity Programs including art and music, offered to patients while undergoing chemotherapy and are designed for one-on-one interface between patients and artists
  • Exercise Programs for Yoga and Dance, taught by individuals trained in techniques that best serve the breast cancer patient
  • Nutritional Guidance by a certified York Hospital Nutritionist
  • Self Care for hair, natural product lines, manicures and aesthetic services recommendations
  • Support Group dedicated to and facilitated for Breast Cancer patient

For more information, contact Susan Kelly-Westman, York Hospital Oncology Social Worker, at or (207) 351-3721.

A variety of support programs

The Breast Cancer Living Well Fund was created in 2010 to create programs that support York Hospital’s breast cancer patients.

These programs include: Financial Assistance, Genetic Testing,  Education, Comfort, Protection & Self Esteem, Relaxation & Stress Reduction, Support Groups, Health & Wellness, Strength & Flexibility, Creativity & Self Expression, and “Pamper You” Spa Days!