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Thank you for your interest in partnering with York Hospital on your upcoming event or sponsorship opportunity. The program is on pause at this time, so we are not considering requests.

Please check back here for updates on the status of the program. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

York Hospital Sponsorship and Donation Policy

York Hospital has a long tradition of supporting nonprofit organizations in York County and the New Hampshire Seacoast. We view these partnerships as an important investment in the health and well-being of the communities we serve and the vitality of our organization.

We sponsor a select number of events each year that align with our mission to improve health and wellness (both physical and mental) in the region. Our strategic plan is the driving force of sponsorship decisions, and the opportunities we fund must make a positive impact on the local communities that we serve.

To learn more about the sponsorship application process and ensure that your project meets our criteria, please carefully consider the guidelines and restrictions below prior to submitting a request.

Application Criteria

There are many worthy causes within York County and the greater Seacoast area. Since York Hospital has limited discretionary funds, we must weigh requests against established criteria for support. While the following list is not inclusive of all support criteria, please use it as a guide:

  • Must be aligned with York Hospital’s mission, values, and strategic priorities.
  • Must directly benefit the York Hospital service area (York County and/or Seacoast New Hampshire).
  • Must involve a health or wellness component (physical or mental) that benefits and/or educates the community.
  • Must be presented by a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization with a history of implementing successful programs.
  • Must allow positive exposure for the York Hospital brand (e.g. logo placement, banners, PSAs, etc.).
  • Should be submitted at least 60 days prior to your event date.


York Hospital will generally not fund requests that fall into one of more of the categories below:

  • Organizations whose mission, philosophy, or business practice does not align with our mission, vision, or values
  • For-profit organizations
  • Political, religious, or otherwise partisan activities/organizations
  • Labor organizations
  • Social groups
  • Individuals or individual families
  • Employee or other individual participation in a fundraising event or activity
  • Endowments, annual funds, capital campaigns, or memorials
  • General operating expenses
  • School yearbooks or calendars, posters, place mats
  • Travel-related expenses
  • Field trips or tours
  • Research
  • Multi-year pledge requests
  • Unrestricted donations

Application Process

If you are seeking a sponsorship, in-kind donation, or other support from York Hospital, please complete the online request form at least 60 days prior to your event or project. Our sponsorship committee will review your request. Applicants should be aware of the following:

  • Only nonprofit organizations may apply for sponsorship
  • Generally, we only fund one request from an organization per fiscal year.
  • An award does not guarantee future support.
  • Requests are reviewed monthly and funding is subject to availability at the time of the request.
  • Applications must be submitted via the online request form

If approved, the organization receiving funds must submit an invoice as well as any other required documents to process the award to

If you have questions or need assistance with your application, please contact Kimberly Schuman at or at (207) 361-3665.

Application timeline

York Hospital reviews requests on a monthly basis and funding is subject to availability at the time of request. Application deadlines are as follows

Event Month Application Deadline Notification By
JANUARY November 1 December 1
FEBRUARY December 1 January 1
MARCH January 1 February 1
APRIL February 1 March 1
MAY March 1 April 1
JUNE April 1 May 1
JULY May 1 June 1
AUGUST June 1 July 1
SEPTEMBER July 1 August 1
OCTOBER August 1 September 1
NOVEMBER September 1 October 1
DECEMBER October 1 November 1

While we love supporting the efforts of community organizations that match our mission and values, due to the volume of requests we receive, we regret that we can’t approve all of them.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we are only able to respond to those requests that are approved. To be considered, please provide detailed information in the form below.