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Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy

We provide cognitive and behavioral therapy to patients who are referred from the Center for Older Adults Program or their primary care providers when there is a diagnosis of cognitive changes, dementia, confusion, or Alzheimer’s. When you come to us, our occupational therapists focus on making you as independent as possible with bathing, dressing, cleaning, cooking (simple sandwich preparation or full meal preparation, depending on your needs), and all tasks around the house.

Ways we can help

  • We can look at special equipment for your bathroom and at proper lighting and scatter rug issues to make you as safe as possible in your home.
  • If you pay the bills, we can look at helping with money handling, from making change in a store to managing your checkbook.
  • We can help you manage your schedule to keep you as organized as possible and manage your medications (if needed) within that schedule.
  • We offer the Safe Driver Screening Program if either you or your family feel you are having cognitive issues that may impair your ability to drive safely.
  • We educate your family on strategies to make you as successful as possible in your home.

Treatment for communication impairments

Our speech and language pathologists provide assessment and treatment of communication impairments, including attention, memory, executive functions, and organizational skills. They also assess and treat receptive and expressive language, reading, and writing impairments as impacted by cognitive domains for activities of daily living, learning, and academic and vocational performance. These impairments may be seen in patients with brain injury or tumors, stroke, anoxia, and degenerative diseases, including dementia.

We also have programming and support in our Language Maintenance Skills Group for social connectivity and maintenance of cognitive and language skills achieved in individual sessions.