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Wellness Services

Our wellness services help you explore the balance of your personal strength and challenges. We provide a nurturing, relaxing environment where you can investigate the available resources to help enhance your personal well-being. Learn more about our services below!

We're currently located at 127 Long Sands Road, Suite 6B, in York.

To book an appointment, call Donna Wiley at (207) 752-8667.


Hypnosis is a state of heightened focus and increased suggestibility. With the help of a trained hypnotist, you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation through the use of several methods, including metaphors, progressive relaxation, eye fixation, and counting. Once in this state of relaxation, you are more focused and open to suggestions. These suggestions help make positive changes within yourself by creating new understanding and changing undesired thought patterns. Hypnosis can be a very successful tool in treating anxiety, sleep disorders, and stress, and breaking poor habits such as smoking and overeating.

Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization

This advanced soft tissue technique may be used to complement treatment and exercise. It targets the skin, myofascia, muscles, and tendons using different compressive stroke techniques. It can be applied using different materials, often stainless steel or a jade stone. It can be particularly helpful in patients with tendinitis/tendinosis, scar tissue tightness or adhesions, muscle strains, plantar fasciitis, and ITB syndrome, among other diagnoses.

Manual cupping therapy

This ancient form of manual therapy has been used for thousands of years and is now commonly practiced by many bodywork practitioners. Cupping uses controlled suction (or negative pressure) to separate fused or adhered tissue. This decompressive manual therapy technique can be used to treat muscle and soft tissue dysfunction, improve circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, reduce inflammation, soften scar tissue, and reduce pain.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy has been used for centuries as a way to relieve stress, enhance relaxation, and aid in the healing process from physical strain or injury. Prior to your session, your massage therapist will complete a thorough intake with you to set goals for your treatment and help you on your path to wellness. Your experience is up to you, whether it be a relaxing Swedish massage, a therapeutic deep tissue massage, or anything in between. Many massage techniques like myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and reflexology may be incorporated into the treatment to get the best results.

Myofascial release

This soft tissue manual therapy is used to treat pain and tension that are caused by myofascial tension. Focused manual pressure and stretching are gently applied to areas of the body where muscles and joints are restricted. Myofascial release can be effective in providing pain relief, improving flexibility and mobility, reducing inflammation, and improving circulation.

Polarity therapy

Polarity is a non-invasive, holistic approach to soothing the body, mind, and spirit through the balancing of one’s energetic system. When the body’s energetic system is blocked, it’s often experienced as disease, stress, or pain. Energy that’s free flowing and cyclic will support health, clarity, and overall well-being.

Polarity sessions are done fully clothed and last about one hour. Your practitioner will use light-to-firm touch or massage on specific energetic points, gentle rocking, reflexology, and quartz crystals to aid in the cleansing of the chakras and aura. The benefits of Polarity work may include increased creativity, relaxation, self-awareness, inner-strength, freedom from pain, stamina, a stronger immune system, emotional balance, and an overwhelming desire to be healthy.


The Japanese word meaning universal energy, “Reiki” is the energy that flows through all living beings. Reiki at York Hospital is used to relax, relieve stress, restore energy, and promote overall well-being. Reiki works in conjunction with other traditional therapies. Pre-op and post-op Reiki is available for surgical patients.

Stress reduction

We all experience stress, and we all manage it differently. When stress becomes distress, it begins to negatively affect our well-being, our relationships, and our physical health. Using a variety of techniques like guided imagery, breathing techniques, reframing, and bodywork, we’ll help you learn to respond rather than react to life’s daily stressors.

Surgery preparation

A unique program that helps calm pre-operative jitters through relaxation techniques. When you feel peaceful, it can strengthen your immune system and create body chemistry that enhances healing. Medical studies have shown that people who prepare for an operation have less pain, have fewer complications, and recover sooner.

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