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Financial Assistance Program

Translation of these documents are also available in French and Spanish upon request.

In accordance with the guidelines put forth by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, York Hospital is required to provide free care to residents of Maine whose incomes fall on or below 150% of the poverty level guidelines; York Hospital provides free care at 200% above the federal poverty guidelines, as outlined below.

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Size of family

Family size Federal income guidelines York Hospital income guidelines
1 $15,060 $30,120
2 $20,440 $40,880
3 $25,820 $51,640
4 $31,200 $62,400
5 $36,580 $73,160
6 $41,960 $83,920

For family units with more than 6 members, add $5,380 for each additional member.


  • You must have a billed service from York Hospital.
  • Only York Hospital-owned Physician Practices and York Hospital Facilities are covered through the Financial Assistance Program. Please call if you have any questions on what is covered.
  • All services must be considered medically necessary as determined by York Hospital to be part of the Financial Assistance Program.
  • If you are eligible for the Financial Assistance Program, the Program will cover bills within the 240 day time frame. (Rev. Jan. 2019)
  • This Program does not cover prescriptions. Medications may be purchased through the York Hospital pharmacy if you do not have other prescription coverage.
  • The patient’s potential eligibility for governmental or other coverage will be assessed. This may include Medicaid and Health Insurance Market Exchange coverage.
  • Patient must prove financial eligibility for all dates of service that are to be considered, through an FAP application and requested income documentation.*
  • Eligibility for FAP balances will be covered within a 240 day time frame from date of receipt of the application and all income documentation.*

This program does not cover prescriptions. For assistance with medications, please call the Health Care Help Center at (207) 351-2652.

* If required documents are not available, please contact the financial assistance office at (207) 351-2398. Applications will not be processed until all required documents are received in the FAP offices and may affect the accounts to be considered for financial assistance.

Have questions or concerns?

Call us at (207) 363-4321, toll free at (877) 363-4321, or TTY at (207) 363-7433 and ask to be transferred to the billing office. You can schedule a visit with us at 15 Hospital Drive, York, ME 03909. You can also email us at

How to apply

To find out if your household qualifies for financial assistance at York Hospital you must complete the application below; furnish proof of household income for the last 12 months from the date of the application; and return this information to the Financial Assistance Office at 15 Hospital Drive, York Maine 03909 Attention: FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE OFFICE.

Download application

We will need:

  • A copy of your federal tax return from the prior year, signed and dated, (Form 1040) and all supporting schedules, including W2s. In addition, we require your most recent pay stub, showing year-to-date income for 2024.
  • If you have not yet filed a 2023 federal income tax, we will accept 2023 and 2024 W-2s; if self-employed, a profit & loss statement. We will require a copy of your 2023 federal tax return upon filing.
  • If you are not required to file a federal tax return, please furnish one or more of the documents listed below that show proof of your monthly income.
  • If you have had no income for the last 12 months, please call (207) 351-2398. We will send you a form to complete, to assist us in processing your application.

Acceptable documents to return with your application:

  • Social security retirement or disability income benefit letter
  • Pension disbursement letter
  • Annuities/money market/ira/401(k)/dividend income
  • Rental receipts from income property
  • Periodic receipts from estates or trusts
  • Unemployment compensation (provide start and stop dates)
  • Worker’s compensation (provide start and stop dates)
  • Short or long term disability income (start and stop dates)
  • Child support and/or alimony income
  • Small business income/home based/self-employed (profit & loss statement)
  • Legal separation documentation

Please send copies of income documentation; originals will not be returned.

Patients remain responsible for statement balances until balances are approved. If Financial Assistance is denied, alternative payment arrangements can be made through the FAP offices.

Applications will not be processed until all required documents are received in FAP offices. Documentation is expected to be returned to us within 30 days.

You will be notified in writing of the determination of your application within four weeks.