CLINICAL TRIALS at york hospital

York Hospital is home to clinical research in both oncology and hematology. It is the hospital’s belief that patient should have access to clinical trials closer to home. In offering clinical trials the hope is to improve the lives of cancer patients by enrolling them in clinical trials that would help to solve important, challenging and neglected problems in cancer research and patient care. We have partnered with the Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative (MCGI), a special alliance of cancer experts, clinicians and researchers from The Jackson Laboratory, to offer genomic testing for patients and to participate in studies that help to highlight the best treatments for colon cancer, multiple myeloma and breast cancer.

Our team of providers work with our clinical trials nurse and clinical research assistant work diligently to enroll qualified patients in active trials. We are proud of our work and the ongoing need to enroll patients in both phase 2 and phase 3 trials. For more information on any of these trials, and to learn more about participating in clinical trials closer to home, please contact our office at (207) 361-6115.

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a research study designed to answer a question which is relevant to current patient care. Clinical trials are the major way advancements in medical care occur, and current Oncology care is based on results from previous clinical trials. In order to conduct clinical trials, it is often necessary to perform extensive research in a laboratory to demonstrate that a particular drug or treatment is worthy of investigation.


There are many benefits to clinical trial participation, both personal and societal. Some clinical trials are testing a new drug which has not yet been approved for cancer care by the FDA. Other clinical trials are designed to test new combinations of drugs or an approved drug in a cancer type in which it has not yet been studied.


Clinical trials use written protocols which define the purpose of the trial, as well as the specifics of where and how it will be conducted. Clinical trials are extensively regulated for both ethical and medical purposes, and each institution that offers clinical trials is required to maintain a board of representatives charged with the protection of human subjects. This board is known as an Institutional Review Board (IRB) and is comprised of individuals whose primary interest is the safe conduct of the trial at their institution.


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