Home and Hospice Care

  • Skilled Nursing Care for Adults:
    – Wound Care & Education
    – Medication Management
    – Diabetic Care
    – Colostomy Care
    – Tracheostomy Care
    – Cardiac Rehab
    – End of Life Care (Five Wishes document)
  • High Tech services: Including IV therapy, enteral nutrition, total parenteral nutrition, pain management, and antibiotic therapy.
  • Rehabilitation Services: Physical, occupational and speech therapy services for patients following joint surgery, traumatic injury, stroke or with other neurological or chronic conditions.
  • Social Work Services: Counseling, links with community services, help with financial, social and emotional concerns for patients and families, assistance with long term care planning and more.
  • Home Health Aide Services: Help with basic activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and exercising.
  • Tele-health Services: We offer the “Health Buddy” Tele-health system – a remote disease management monitoring solution which utilizes a small, easy-to-use, in-home communication device to connect clinicians and patients with chronic diseases on a daily basis. The system serves as the interface between patients at home and York Hospital Home Care providers when they are not present in the patient’s home and can signal situations that need intervention. Staff monitor patient sessions and relay information so as to be able to proactively intervene before a patient’s condition worsens. This can prevent unnecessary emergency visits to the hospital and doctors’ offices, or other costly medical venues.


If you need help accessing your Telemedicine Visit on your Practice Patient Portal, please call (207) 361-6902 and we will be happy to assist you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TeleVisit?

A TeleVisit is a virtual visit with a primary care provider or specialist at York Hospital.  The visit will take place using your computer or smartphone.  You and your provider will be able to see each other through video and communicate using audio on your device.  Your provider can still order any necessary lab and radiology testing and can prescribe medications if needed. 

Where will the provider be during the TeleVisit?

Your provider will be able to join the visit from their office at the practice or occasionally they may join the visit from their home office. Just like you, they are able to connect with you wherever they have a video/audio connection. All of our providers will have a secure HIPAA compliant connection to your health record during the TeleVisit. 

Where will I be during the TeleVisit?

Because the visit is virtual, you can be anywhere!  As long as you have an internet or wifi connection with video/audio on your computer or smartphone, you will be able to connect with your provider.  You are able to connect virtually without leaving your home!

How do I schedule a TeleVisit?

TeleVisits can be schedule by your provider’s office staff in the same way that you would make an in-office appointment.

Is there a cost to have a TeleVisit?

Yes, we will bill your insurance company just as we would if you came into the office for your visit. 

What is the availability of TeleVisits?

We are currently scheduling TeleVisits with your primary care or specialty providers during our regular office hours.