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Breast Care: Helpful Information

Did you know that three out of four breast lumps are benign? Not all lumps or changes in breast tissue mean that you have breast cancer. In fact, there are several breast disorders that are non-cancerous or benign.

They include cysts and fibrocystic change, fibroadenoma, breast infection (mastitis), lipomas (benign fatty tumors) and more. To find out more information on these conditions, click here.

Early diagnosis is key

If your test results are positive, know that we are here for you every step of the way. With early diagnosis, 97 percent of breast cancer cases are curable. The thought of having breast cancer is frightening. But, treatments and cure rates are improving every day.

Our team of nurse navigators is here to help with whatever you may need – be it to answer questions, offer support, help with appointments, or just to hold your hand or provide comfort to you and your family.

You are in good hands

If your diagnosis is breast cancer, know that you will be supported throughout your entire journey. York Hospital’s Breast Cancer Collaborative offers a commitment to patient-centered care through seamless coordination by our multidisciplinary team of experts, in conjunction with advanced technology and progressive diagnostic and therapeutic options.

Our team includes physicians – with expertise in breast radiology, breast surgery, pathology, medical oncology, radiation oncology (representation is by physicians at Wentworth Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH) and plastic surgery – and a team of technologists, nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists and social workers all dedicated to breast cancer patients.

Mammogram insurance

In most states, screening mammograms are considered preventive care and are covered by insurance (based on your age and frequency – check with your insurance carrier to be sure). This link to the American Cancer Society gives helpful, up-to-date information on coverage laws by state.

Exploring your options for diagnostic tests

York Hospital’s Caring for All Program can help determine the best options for you – whether you are uninsured, under insured or have a high-deductible plan. Call (207) 361-6988. Also, the Maine CDC Breast and Cervical Health Program offers free pap tests and mammograms to those that qualify.

Breast Cancer Living Well Program

The Breast Cancer Living Well Program provides support to those who have been diagnosed with, are undergoing treatment for, or are recovering from breast cancer. The program includes a multitude of patient care services and programs that focus on a person’s well-being and quality of life.

For more information, contact Susan Kelly-Westman, York Hospital Oncology Social Worker at or (207)-351-3721. Learn more about the Breast Cancer Living Well Program here.