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Inpatient Care

York Hospital patients who are staying for inpatient care will have their treatment managed by one of our Hospitalist providers. The Hospitalist will direct the patient’s care in the hospital and is available to answer any questions from the patient and their family. Hospitalists work with the patient’s primary care provider to ensure any history or significant findings are discussed.

You’re in good hands with our providers

York Hospital offers two inpatient wings, Biewend and Strater, for adults who need to stay overnight or longer as part of their hospital experience. Patients in these areas are treated to truly patient-centered care by a great team of nurses and other clinical specialists.

Our team makes the difference

All members of the staff are highly trained professionals who uphold the vision of York Hospital. “Our unique spirit of dedication to patient satisfaction sets us apart. It is the promise on which our current patients rely, to which new patients are attracted and by which each of us lives.”

Treatments and services

At York Hospital, not only are our patients treated with state-of-the-art equipment, by experienced medical staff and inpatient therapists, they are also treated with unsurpassed care and in a comfortable setting. Enjoy an innovative room service program for meals – which can include lobster rolls!

Volunteers take time to chat and play cards or get a movie, book or favorite newspaper. We even offer Pet Therapy visits with our certified pets, vetted for obedience, up to date vaccinations and health records. If you are interested, please reach out to Kate Ford, Volunteer Services, (207) 351-2224.

What to bring to the hospital

To help assure a comfortable stay at York Hospital, the items you may wish to bring with you include the following:

  • Personal toiletries, such as shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrush (Don’t want to bring them, no worries, we do supply these if needed).
  • Slippers or socks (York Hospital is happy to provide these as well!)
  • A list with names, doses, and schedules of all medications you take on a routine basis. (Do NOT take any of your own medications while you are in the hospital unless your doctor writes an order for you to take them.)
  • Glasses, dentures, hearing aids, or other assistive devices you may need. Please ask the nurse for a container to protect these items. Please label these and other personal items with your name if possible. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Any instructions your physician may have provided.
  • Advance Directive. You have the right to make informed decisions about your health care, including the right to refuse treatment offered to you. You may also give directions, in advance, about your wishes for health care should the time come when you cannot communicate your wishes to others. This is called an “advance directive.” If you have an advance directive, such as a living will or durable power of attorney for healthcare, please bring it with you. If you do not have an advance directive and wish to create one, please go here.

Inpatient amenities

As part of your stay at York Hospital, the following inpatient amenities are available to you:

York Hospital has completed its renovation of semi-private rooms to all private single rooms. With these updates, you’ll benefit from the healing power of a quiet room, better workflow for the team providing your care, and an easier visiting experience for your visitors.

Wholesome, nourishing and well-balanced meals are an important part of your treatment and recovery. York Hospital’s Dining and Nutrition Team provides delicious and nutritious meals that are prepared fresh and in-house by our kitchen staff. Our innovative Room Service program allows you to order your meal – be it breakfast, lunch or dinner – whenever you want it. A menu will be given to you upon your arrival. If you are on a special diet prescribed by your doctor, you will receive a menu tailored to your specific needs. To order your meal, all you have to do is call extension 3663 (FOOD) and someone will be available to take your order. If you have difficulty making menu selections, a member of the dietary staff will be happy to help you.

Each patient is provided a telephone by the bedside. Family and friends may call you at any time by dialing (207) 363-4321 or toll-free 1 (877) 363-4321. There is no charge for long-distance calls at York Hospital. Note, cell phones may be used in the hospital, though we ask patients and visitors to respect the resting patients when in use. Each patient is provided a telephone by their bedside. Family and friends may call you at any time by dialing (207) 363-4321 or toll-free 1 (877) 363-4321. To place a call, dial “9” to get an outside line. Once you hear the dial tone, you may dial the phone number. Remember to always use the area code whether calling within or outside of Maine. There is no charge for long-distance calls at York Hospital. Note, cell phones may be used in the hospital, though we ask patients and visitors to respect the resting patients when in use. There may be some areas of the hospital where cell phone usage is restricted.

Television sets are provided for each patient. In order to respect the care of patients in semi-private rooms, headphones (provided free of charge) must be used to reduce noise, and TV’s must be turned off by 11:30 p.m.

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, we offer a free Room Service program that includes the ability to watch DVD movies, play games, listen to music, read a book, chat with a volunteer, or shop in our gift shop/apothecary where a variety of items are available to purchase, including gifts, cards, crafts, novelties, toiletries and medications. We also offer services such as interpreters for those with difficulty relaying messages or understanding any staff members, and reiki for stress reduction and relaxation.

Medical staff

At York Hospital, we are proud to entrust your inpatient care to our team of Hospitalist providers. Hospitalists are providers (physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants) who devote their practice to the care of hospitalized patients. They see patients who have been admitted to the hospital. They do not see patients outside the hospital.

Care management support

Our Care Management team provides leadership in the assessment, planning, coordination and evaluation of options for our inpatients before they are discharged, based on their health needs.

Learn more

Transitioning to home

Your provider and your nurse will provide you with instructions for your post-hospital care. If you have questions about your diet, activities or other matters, please feel free to ask. If you get home and realize you forgot to ask a question, don’t worry. We’re only a phone call away. Your discharge instructions will contain a phone number for you to call should you need anything.

If your provider gives you a prescription, you can take it to a local pharmacy, or it can be filled onsite at the York Hospital Apothecary. Our pharmacy team offers a unique, individualized service for patients, uniquely named "Meds to Beds."

The Transportation team also provides rides to and from the hospital’s many facilities and provider practice locations within our service area. Learn more here.

Care at home

York Hospital Home Care is a full-service Medicare-certified home care agency, which supplies nurses, nurse aides, medical social workers and physical, occupational and speech therapists for home health care in the hospital’s service area.

Bridges Program

The Bridges Program is a volunteer program that offers seniors help with filling the gap in services after discharge from the hospital. The program offers services such as picking up prescriptions, fixing light meals, grocery shopping, picking up the family pet and more. Contact (207) 351-2224 for details.

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