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Pulmonary Services

Pulmonary Services at York Hospital is fully staffed to provide a full range of services for patients dealing with breathing impairments. We have a Pulmonary Function Lab for diagnostic testing, all interpreted by board-certified pulmonologists and shared with your health care provider for any possible further treatment or follow-up options. A doctor’s order is required for all testing procedures.

Here to help with breathing difficulties

If you are having trouble breathing, our Pulmonary Function Lab offers a variety of tests to help our board-certified doctors find out what is causing your problem. The tests are:

  • Complete Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Simple Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Methacholine Challenge Test
  • Six-Minute Walking Test
  • FeNo Testing

Pulmonary function testing

If you are having trouble breathing, your doctor may ask you to take a breathing test called a pulmonary function test. This test measures how well your lungs are functioning and the results will help you and your doctor find out what’s causing the problem.

Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT) help to diagnose lung conditions such as asthma, COPD, emphysema, and bronchitis. If you have already been diagnosed with a particular lung condition, a pulmonary function test can also determine how well your medication is working or if your condition is worsening.

After the test, the results will be interpreted by a pulmonary physician, scanned into your medical record, and made available to the ordering physician.

Six-minute walking test

This test monitors your level of exertion and your oxygen saturation level during exercise.

FeNO testing

A FeNO test measures the amount of nitric oxide that is in your breath. This quick test helps doctors tell if and how much inflammation you have in your airways.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

York Hospital’s Living Well Center offers specialized clinical exercise and education programs for Cardiac, Pulmonary, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Oncology, Osteoporosis/Osteopenia, Spine Health and Balance. We also offer many community-based health programs, support groups, disease management education and more. Call (207) 351-3700 or click here for more information.

The Sleep Center

For those suffering from sleep issues, York Hospital’s Sleep Center provides services to help diagnose and treat sleep-related disorders. Pulmonary Associates of York Hospital offers Inspire, a breakthrough treatment option for obstructive sleep apnea patients unable to use or get benefit from CPAP. Inquire with your physician and learn more here!

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