York Hospital provides the same treatments and protocols you would receive anywhere else – including larger academic institutions and tertiary care centers). Here, we are able to give you personalized attention and care and get your treatment programs started quickly – and with your family at your side. York Hospital offers treatment in three centers conveniently located in York Village, Wells and Kittery. Each site offers personalized care, private treatment rooms, and special amenities. Services are based around patient comfort, and families are always welcome. Our philosophy is relationship development. We develop relationships with every patient and their family – from the front desk, to your nurse, your support staff and your physician. We believe these relationships help foster health and healing in your cancer journey.


Our environment centers on our patients and their families – where friends and relatives are invited to be a part of the treatment process whenever patients desire. We offer comfortable, private treatment rooms for each and every patient – each with cozy recliners, televisions, and free wi-fi. We also offer transportation to and from all of our locations for patients residing in the communities we serve.

York Hospital’s Living Well With Cancer Program focuses on supporting cancer patients and their families through programs centering on the mind (spiritual care, relaxation, creative expression and art therapy); the body (exercise, nutrition, healthy living); and a person’s well being (support groups and social services) and include the following:

  • Nutritional Services
  • Social Work Services
  • Cancer Support Groups, including a Living Well General Cancer Support Group, Caregivers Support Group
  • Living Well Art therapy workshops and creativity sessions
  • Living Well Exercise Program for cancer survivors
  • Financial & Prescription Assistance
  • Patient Resource Library




This program provides support to those who have been diagnosed with, and are undergoing treatment for cancer at York Hospital through services centering on the mind, body and well being. These programs are generously funded through the Breast Cancer Living Well Fund (BCLW) and Living Well with Cancer Fund (LWWC).

The programs includes:

Financial Help: To relieve some of the financial burden during cancer treatment – whether due to a leave of absence from work and lost income, or for those living on a fixed income – we offer assistance to those struggling financially.

Comfort, Protection & Self Esteem: Head covers, Scarves & Wigs; Prosthetic/Recovery Camisoles and Bras; Compression Garments to help with pain and swelling (lymphedema) following surgery or radiation therapy; Lymphedema Alert Bracelets and Anti-Nausea Bands.

Celebration of Life & Providing Support: Cancer Support Group provides emotional support for those coping with a cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery; Celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day; Meetings with a licensed social worker to provide psycho-social support.


Relaxation & Stress Reduction: Acupuncture services; spot massages while being treated; Wellness Services including massage, Reiki, polarity therapy and cranio-sacral therapy; classes; Forest Therapy Walks. Relaxation CD’s are also available to patients in Oncology.


Education, Support & Information: Nutritional cookbooks and other cancer related literature; Prepare for Surgery consultation, Reiki certification course.


Health & Wellness: Lunch and Learn lecture series; Healthy Cooking Class at Stonewall Kitchen; Health & Wellness Coaching.
One on one nutritional consultation with registered dietician.


Enhancing Strength & Flexibility: Living Well with Cancer Exercise classes; Nordic Walking; Hatha Yoga, Zumba Gold class, Building Better Bones program.


Creativity & Self Expression: One-on-one creativity sessions while being treated; Silk Scarf Painting workshop; Memories, Moments & Meaning writer’s workshop; Scrapbooking workshop; Affirmation Art classes; Zentangle meditative drawing workshop; Music Therapy workshops, Dot Mandala painting class and Felting Flowers Workshop.


Pampering You: Gift bags with natural skin care products; A Mini Spa Day; Trips to Salon for Hair Washing after Surgery.


For more information, contact Susan Kelly-Westman (207) 351-3721
or email: [email protected]


York Hospital Cancer Care (Long Sands)
127 Long Sands Road, York, Maine
Phone: (207) 351-3777
York Hospital in Wells Cancer Care
112-114 Sanford Road (Route 109), Wells, Maine
Building A, 2nd Floor
Phone: (207) 641-8010
York Hospital in Kittery Cancer Care
5 US Route 1 Bypass, Kittery, Maine
Phone: (207) 475-1150


If you need help accessing your Telemedicine Visit on your Practice Patient Portal, please call (207) 361-6902 and we will be happy to assist you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TeleVisit?

A TeleVisit is a virtual visit with a primary care provider or specialist at York Hospital.  The visit will take place using your computer or smartphone.  You and your provider will be able to see each other through video and communicate using audio on your device.  Your provider can still order any necessary lab and radiology testing and can prescribe medications if needed. 

Where will the provider be during the TeleVisit?

Your provider will be able to join the visit from their office at the practice or occasionally they may join the visit from their home office. Just like you, they are able to connect with you wherever they have a video/audio connection. All of our providers will have a secure HIPAA compliant connection to your health record during the TeleVisit. 

Where will I be during the TeleVisit?

Because the visit is virtual, you can be anywhere!  As long as you have an internet or wifi connection with video/audio on your computer or smartphone, you will be able to connect with your provider.  You are able to connect virtually without leaving your home!

How do I schedule a TeleVisit?

TeleVisits can be schedule by your provider’s office staff in the same way that you would make an in-office appointment.

Is there a cost to have a TeleVisit?

Yes, we will bill your insurance company just as we would if you came into the office for your visit. 

What is the availability of TeleVisits?

We are currently scheduling TeleVisits with your primary care or specialty providers during our regular office hours.